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Keeping Pace Shoes

Keeping Pace Shoes

Product Description

Suitable for children to wear with an AFO or to be customised for children’s adaptive footwear needs.


- “Trainer” style children’s and young adult’s shoes.
- Adjustable Depth - inner soles of 3 varying thicknesses allows for easier internal adjustments for discrepancies in leg lengths and accommodations for AFOs.
- Distinctive Sole - wider tread design increases surface contact and promotes greater medial/lateral stability. Replacement Soles are also available.
- High Abrasion Resistant - rubber toe cap and reinforced triple stitching ensures greater durability for the demands of children wearing AFOs and the stresses of various gait patterns.
- Also features a wider, deeper toe box.
- Unique Mid Sole - is a compression moulded EVA shell with a visable cut-line designed to facilitate the modification and build up process.

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