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The Hiptric from Össur is a new concept in the prevention of hip dislocations. Based on a dynamic force design, it offers comfortable, reliable protection against hip dislocation with excellent levels of compliance. Ideal for those at risk of a dislocated hip, the Hiptric applies a dynamic abduction force, so that the femoral head remains in the socket. This user-friendly, low profile device is barely noticeable to others when in place. It is also comfortable to wear, made of a breathable fabric that conforms to suit the user’s anatomy.


- Low profile for improved patient comfort (can be worn against the skin).
- Hinge-free design provides dynamic abduction force throughout full range.
- Unique sliding joint follows anatomical hip movement and prevents brace migration when sitting.
- Modular system allows for an optimal user fit.
- Simple fastening design for easy user application.
- Frame is reversible for L & R, facilitating minimal stock requirements in clinic.


For protection against hip dislocation (Prophylaxis), for successful post-surgical outcomes (following primary hip joint replacements and complete or partial revision surgery) and post-surgical use after hip arthroscopy. For the treatment of persistent non-specific hip pain and non-operable joint deformities.

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