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Bledsoe Z12 Osteoarthritis Unloading & Ligament Protection Brace

Product Description

The next generation of the popular, dual-upright Z12 OA design, features an adjustable condyle building up to 6 additional degrees of correction to the brace. The Z12 is ideal for patients with an active lifestyle who may need additional support from a dual upright brace due to ligamentous instability. The new adjustable condyle will allow patients to make minor load adjustments by sliding the loading level through 5 settings.


- Z12 frame is made of magnesium - our lightest-weight OA brace.
- Low-profile frame.
- Adjustable hinge.
- Unique upper calf strapping mimmicks a finger-trap design to minimise migration.
- For specific activities, not all day wear.


For patients with combined instability. Not recommended for patients with abnormal amounts of redundant tissue. OK for activities like basketball, skiing, softball, etc.


Contact sports like football, AFL, rugby, etc.

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