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Bledsoe Thruster Legacy Osteoarthritis Unloading Brace

Product Description

Introducing the next generation of our popular OA Thruster brace: Legacy Thruster is a smaller, lighter single-upright model that features an improved hinge but maintains the same overall look. Unlike the competition, the Bledsoe Legacy Thruster's hinge is on the affected side of the knee. This design creates relief by pulling the straps to open the joint space vs. pushing against the opposite side of the knee. This design addresses OA conditions only, not associated ligament instability.


- Low-profile frame.
- Dial allows incremental force adjustments.
- Hinge is on involved side of knee, pulling vs pushing to relieve joint pain.
- Distal calf section flexes with the muscles of the leg.
- Up to 22 degrees of correction can be applied.


For moderate to severe OA patients who require the brace for all-day use. OK for moderate activities like walking, golf, tennis, bicycling, etc.


Not for patients with combined instabilities. Not OK for high-intensity sports like football, basketball, skiing, etc.

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