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Bledsoe Telescoping Elbow Brace

Product Description

The Bledsoe Telescoping Elbow Brace is designed to handle post-op elbow arthroscopy, severe elbow strains and ligament trauma. The Bledsoe Telescoping Elbow Brace should be used when limited R.O.M. or locked control of the elbow is desired. In most cases, the Bledsoe Telescoping Elbow Brace can be formed, fitted and adjusted in 5 minutes or less.


- Formable aluminium plates adjust to fit virtually any arm circumference.
- After initial fitting, the brace can be easily removed in one piece and reapplied by the patient with one hand.
- Open, light weight design for patient comfort. The lateral hinge and arm design prevents rubbing against the body or abrasions.
- Easily set range of motion from -10º to 110º and/or lock the arm in any position from 0º to 100º in 10º increments.
- Detachable, formable wrist-arm splint for increased stability of the forearm, wrist and hand.


Post-operative procedures to the elbow, stable or internally fixed fractures of the distal humerus or proximal to middle radius/ulna where locked or limited motion control of the elbow is desired.


Unstable fractures or for fractures of the proximal humerus or the distal radius or ulna.

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